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Student Feature- Kyrsta M

“I have been working at MSABD [Meat Science and Animal Biologics Discovery]  for a year and a half and I am still learning and trying new things.” Senior Krysta M was introduced to the program via an introductory course in Animal Science, and found an immediate interest. She has been working in the building ever since. She remembered being curious about the process, as she said, “I had very little knowledge about meat production..and I was intrigued to learn more about the process.” During her time here, she has grown her teamwork and leadership skills, as well as learning practical skills she hopes to apply to graduate school or a future job. MSABD has allowed her to experience a unique work environment. As she commented, “it’s never a set daily routine… we harvest animals, operate machinery for mixing, grinding, or stuffing products, and package and label products so they can be sent to the store.” She has enjoyed this variety, and one of her favorite aspects has been learning how to make new products, such as making bologna. 

Krysta will graduate with a bachelors in Animal Science, and hopes to use the skills she learned here in her future.